It has been awhile…

Update on my beadart.

Bear Silhouettes 1
Bear Silhouettes 2
Bear Silhouettes 3
Scenic Owl
Small Polar Bear Brooch
Ivory Pendant
Ivory & Jade Bracelet
Polar Bear

It was a busy Spring!

I made new beaded pieces for my show at Alaska House Art Gallery for May. Lots of new wearable art neck pieces! Show is held over for the month of June.  I beaded a crop of new earrings and a few new necklaces for The Bear Gallery.  I beaded lots of new art and earrings for a new adventure… Monday Markets at Pioneer Park.  Between all of the beading I took time to go out and enjoy Alaska’s beautiful Spring .

Alaska House Art Gallery


Late Winter Trip to Denali

It has been an exceptional March as far as weather goes.  We decided to take a drive down to check out the park. We did not see much wildlife, however we did get to experience some fast changes in the weather. The temperature was 41 degrees when we got there, the skies were overcast but, the sun was trying to shine.  One hour later… snow/sleet, 35 degrees and the wind was picking up. We had lunch in our car and waited to see if the weather would change.  Yep, sure enough the sun came out again so we took a short walk.  It was back to snow/sleet and wind gusts before we made back to the car. It does not matter, the park is a beautiful place in any weather!  We also stopped to check on the Tri-Pod in Nenana.


Pictures taken in my yard, North Pole and Fairbanks.  Just a typical December day.

Gray Jay Breakfast

birch trees

Clear skys

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Open water on the Chena River

little snowcaps

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park

Hidden Chickadee

The days are getting longer

Good Night

Too nice to stay indoors !

It was a beautiful afternoon, much too nice to be inside.  I put aside my beads to go for a walk.  We headed to the Chena Lakes – River area.  We walked across the flood control area and around the lake.  It was cool when we started out at the flood control area.  The pond still had ice on it.  However, it warmed up nicely by the time we got to the lake.  There were quite a few people enjoying the day. I found a nice wasp nest, look close…those are leaf buds! The buds are sticky with sap, I have not seen willow try to leaf in October. We also spotted a lone swan on Chena Lake, really strange this time of year. It did not appear to be injured, was able to swim about/stretched out her-his wings easily. Looked young, still some visible gray color. He-she was calling out but, we heard no answering calls. I hope she goes south soon.

The last picture is my latest work in progress.


New Bead Art for B.C.D.C. Alaska

I delivered my piece for “the 14th Annual Gala Affair” today.  It is a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Detection Center. They seemed pleased.  Artists were given the acrylic display and asked to do art for the Auction. I will try to get pics of the other art pieces. Randall Compton and Barbara Lavallee are a few of the other artists, this should be a great fundraiser. I am so glad they asked me to make a piece!

More Bead Art

Gift Shop Artist of the Month.  August 2018

I will have my bead art for sale in the Bear Gallery Gift Shop this month.  Stop in and say “hello.”  I will be there for First Friday   August 3rd   5 – 7 pm .  Every Wednesday 12-4 pm .  The show is up all month and gallery/gift shop hours are 12 – 8 pm everyday.

Fairbanks Arts Association  Bear Gallery/Gift Shop  Pioneer Park

deb mcqueen  Bear Gallery /Gift Shop

Day trip to Denali

I had to choose between housework, yard work or a trip to the park !  Denali wins every time. Hope you enjoy the pics, it was a little bit smokey from the forest fires up on the Yukon Flats but, the mountain was visible!

We walked on one of the trails by the Savage River.Weather was fantastic, 78 degrees.

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