Winter Beading Projects

I have a few new art pieces for you to see.


All of these are available in my shop.


Day trip up the Steese

Nice day for a drive. 50 degrees in North Pole this morning. It was 54 degrees when we got to Davidson Ditch, 63 mile Steese. We went on up to 12 Mile Summit. Temperature dropped to 44 but, the sun was out. We walked down the Circle to Fairbanks Trail for a while. I got a few nice photos of Alpine flowers just starting to pop out. Then I found a very interesting dug out area in a small rocky mound… We drove on up to Eagle Summit to hike around. The trail was recently snowed on, they really like folks to stick to walking on the trail so we turned back. Found another area with an unmarked trail a few miles away. Found alot of wildflowers here! Man was it windy,and cool. 40 degrees. We wandered around taking photos of flowers, clouds and mountains. It tried to snow, just enough to make you wonder how far you should go out the trail. After exploring for a few hours we headed back down to a warmer area for lunch . We found a spot to pull off the road around 85 mile Steese that looked over a pond. 64 degrees and sunny! Sandwiches are always better outside in the sunshine. Lots of pics below.



My latest bead art. The small scene is done in 15/0 seed beads,15/0 true cuts & 24/0 seed beads. The Lynx is done with a brown mix of 11/0 seed beads. The background is mix of white 11/0 seed beads, 6/0 crystals and 8/0 seed beads. I use Czech seed beads and Vintage Italian seed beads.


I am trying to decide between making another scenic animal or starting another historic building…

I guess I will clean my bead room and watch birds out the window.

Beading History

I am starting a new beading project. I love all of the historic buildings / landmarks in Alaska and I love beading. I will work from photos for reference, Each piece will be approximately 9 x 11 inches. I hope to incorporate a stone or piece of mineral from each location into the bead art. I have completed two pieces: Kennecott Mines Historical Landmark and Circle Hot Springs.

November in the Gift Shop —

Gift Shop Artist of the Month Deb McQueen Featured: November 6–27, 2020 Gift Shop Hours: Monday–Friday, noon–6 pm Deb McQueen is an award-winning Seed Bead Artist residing in North Pole, Alaska. She is self-taught and has studied the beadwork and bead-making styles of many cultures, both historical and current. Deb is a master of many […]

November in the Gift Shop —

Signs of Autumn

Doug and I went for a walk this evening at Chena Lake Rec. Area. Sprinkles of rain, colors and smells of early fall. I love this time of year. Hopefully we will get a few warm,sunny says to enjoy before ☃️

South bound
Leaves turning color and falling
Rosehips, ready to pick
Lots of mushrooms
Collecting pinecones
Fog on the Chena
Wonderful clouds
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