The Cabin is ready!

What a great summer project, I am pretty happy with this one. This is one of the larger pieces I have done, 13 in. x 9 in.  I will be entering this in a juried show at the end of this month.  I will update on how I do.

The Cabin

Patterns of Influence

My piece made it into the juried show. I was so glad to be included. This was a fun piece to do, adding the pearls and porcupine quills made it more my style! I have a few more ideas using salmon skin and beads… Here are a few pictures I took on a slow day at the gallery, still very hard to include everything.

salmon vessel

Entries for 64th Parallel Juried Exibit

These are my latest embroidery pieces. Been working on the ptarmigan piece for a month! I really am happy with it. I am going to enter them into a juried show for October. Stay tuned, I will post if  they get accepted. Wish me luck!"HAMSA"

How I did at the Art Show

Great turn out. They had 185 entries, narrowed that down to 55 for the show. I feel very lucky to have 2 pieces showing.  “Sugar Skull” received Honorable Mention! Here is a pic of it. Did not post about it before as it is/was a surprise birthday gift for a special friend.

Honorable Mention
Honorable Mention

Here a few pics from the show. The birch/ moosehide chair won Juror’s Choice.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




Interior Artisans Juried Art Show

I have entered three Bead Embroidered pieces in this show. Just got the call: Two have been accepted! I won’t know how well I did until Friday, May 1st.  I feel great just knowing I have two pieces accepted.

If you live in the area please stop by for First Friday. It is in the Bear Gallery in Pioneer Park, from 5 – 7 pm. Awards are given at 6pm. Hope to see lots of folks there.

I will post pics of  the event.

Thanks  to all the people that encourage me to keep beading!