Late Winter Trip to Denali

It has been an exceptional March as far as weather goes.  We decided to take a drive down to check out the park. We did not see much wildlife, however we did get to experience some fast changes in the weather. The temperature was 41 degrees when we got there, the skies were overcast but, the sun was trying to shine.  One hour later… snow/sleet, 35 degrees and the wind was picking up. We had lunch in our car and waited to see if the weather would change.  Yep, sure enough the sun came out again so we took a short walk.  It was back to snow/sleet and wind gusts before we made back to the car. It does not matter, the park is a beautiful place in any weather!  We also stopped to check on the Tri-Pod in Nenana.


    1. I love the drive down and back from Denali as well as our time in the park. We tend to avoid peak tourist season tho. Yes, that is a ptarmigan decked out in his winter feathers.


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