My latest bead art. The small scene is done in 15/0 seed beads,15/0 true cuts & 24/0 seed beads. The Lynx is done with a brown mix of 11/0 seed beads. The background is mix of white 11/0 seed beads, 6/0 crystals and 8/0 seed beads. I use Czech seed beads and Vintage Italian seed beads.


I am trying to decide between making another scenic animal or starting another historic building…

I guess I will clean my bead room and watch birds out the window.


Published by debmcqueen

Bead Artist specializing in Bead Embroidery.

2 thoughts on “SCENIC LYNX

  1. Deb, Your lynx is terrific! How about an ermine? You’d just need white & crystal and a few black beeds for his nose, eyes and tail ……..😉
    What’s on your feeder table besides the sunflower seeds?


    1. Thanks Sherry. I have been trying to draw an ermine..they either look like a fuzzy snake or a skinny ferret. There is a wild mix on that bird tray, all my left over grease and bread scraps go out there. Chicken bones and other meat and fat for the Gray jays, walnuts for the woodpeckers. Peanutbutter for everybody!


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