Too nice to stay indoors !

It was a beautiful afternoon, much too nice to be inside.  I put aside my beads to go for a walk.  We headed to the Chena Lakes – River area.  We walked across the flood control area and around the lake.  It was cool when we started out at the flood control area.  The pond still had ice on it.  However, it warmed up nicely by the time we got to the lake.  There were quite a few people enjoying the day. I found a nice wasp nest, look close…those are leaf buds! The buds are sticky with sap, I have not seen willow try to leaf in October. We also spotted a lone swan on Chena Lake, really strange this time of year. It did not appear to be injured, was able to swim about/stretched out her-his wings easily. Looked young, still some visible gray color. He-she was calling out but, we heard no answering calls. I hope she goes south soon.

The last picture is my latest work in progress.


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