The Cabin

I am still working on the cabin.  I am anxious to get the flat sections finished and get started on the layered areas.  The bushes, flowers and tree branches will be a second layer and the tree leaves will be added on last.  Lots to do.

Once I get finished with the green ares I will begin working on the mountains.  Some of these will be snow covered, so i will be getting out the numerous shades of white and playing with those.  It takes me awhile to decide what snow really looks like, I have heard that there are 100’s of Native Alaskan words for different types of snow… maybe that is why it is so hard for me?


Progress on my new bead work

Made a little progress on the Cabin piece.  Getting the right mix of greens was fun, I am happy with how it is going.  I think I will add a small garden to the lower right corner.  I am using the black felt to give height to the raised beds, will be doing a modified Raised Beading technique on the mounding.  I also added a few gemstone pieces for fun.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA