I love that it is still daylight at 5 p.m. ! That means I can see things out my kitchen window while washing dishes. This evening I spotted 2 grouse hens in the big pine tree.  I got my camera and was waiting on this girl to show her head. As I was watching the grouse I caught movement out of the corner of my eye, oh yea, A nice young bull moose.  I took a few good/funny pics of him before he went around the side of the house.

As I was loading those pics onto the computer a large furry head passed the front window. Yep, there was mom moose!  Wow, she is a healthy girl.  She led the young guy around to the back of the house where I got this beautiful close-up. Thanks Ms. Moose.

This is why I love living here!


Follow Along Day 9

Finished!  I put in about 8 hours of beading today.  Trimming, backing and edging.  This is the last of 4 pieces I am doing for a March show.  I will post all of them on the day of the Show.

Thanks for following along,  deb