Interior Artisans Juried Art Show

I have entered three Bead Embroidered pieces in this show. Just got the call: Two have been accepted! I won’t know how well I did until Friday, May 1st.  I feel great just knowing I have two pieces accepted.

If you live in the area please stop by for First Friday. It is in the Bear Gallery in Pioneer Park, from 5 – 7 pm. Awards are given at 6pm. Hope to see lots of folks there.

I will post pics of  the event.

Thanks  to all the people that encourage me to keep beading!


Beading, beading, beading.

The neck was a pain to get done! I was trying to make it look as if the viewer was seeing it from an angle…. this will have to do.  I changed the dress also, instead of one shade of turquoise I am using a mix of three. It helps add texture. Still thinking about those feathers!


Kachina update

This is going to be more detailed than first planned. I resisted using anything smaller than 11’s until I got to the blade.  It just needed more detail, so I dug out these tiny bugles…not sure of their size. Pic has a few 11’s for comparison. Guess I will be getting out the 18’s and 22’s for those feathers on his head!